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Made with Copper

Antibacterial & Antiageing

Antibacterial Pillowcase

Cupper’s antibacterial pillowcases helps you to keep a bacteria-free environment in your bed for a long time to get a good night’s rest.

Every day you need to protect your pillows from stains, bacteria and mould that grown in them.

Our antibacterial pillowcases bring you a protection you need and extras benefits:

What makes our antibacterial pillowcases different?

Cupper’s antibacterial pillowcases are made with pure copper threads and not with copper powder, which comes out of the product after a few washes. The pure copper threads make its antibacterial effect stay in the pillowcase for life.

Get The Copper's Benefits

Copper-Benefits. Australia

We never imagined what kind of guests sleep in our pillows.

*After one and four weeks left unwashed, respectively.

antibacterial pillowcase. Australia
antibacterial pillowcase. Australia

Antibacterial Pillowcase Tested

Our fabrics have been certified by three different laboratories. As a result, the Cupper’s fabrics do not allow the growing of Staphylococcus aureus either Aspergillus Niger. Therefore, there is no presence of them.

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Copper is naturally anti-bacterial. Therefore, it helps you prevent those annoying pimples in your face because avoid the grow bacteria in your pillowcase, making it anti-acne. Also, can help to prevent puffy eyes and pressure lines on the face. Copper plays an important role in maintaining collagen and elastin, the major structural components of our bodies.