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My Story

I’m Alexandra, Chilean, living in Melbourne for the last three years and founder of Cupper. This idea came up to provide natural care through natural products and support local manufacturers. Our fabrics are made in Chile and later imported to Australia, where we are designing and manufacturing with other women entrepreneurs.

What do we do?

We made pillowcases using anti-bacterial Copper-based fabrics that provide effective protection against bacteria, moulds and odours.

What do we provide to our customers?

A bacteria-free night’s sleep and wake up rejuvenated, thanks to the pure copper threads of our fabrics.

“While you Sleep. Cupper takes care of you”.

Cupper's Values


Our fabrics are knitted with pure copper threads; therefore, they never lose their natural anti-bacterial properties; other fabrics have a copper infusion that loses their properties after approximately seven washes.


We are a sustainable Fairtrade company, contributing and collaborating with customers, suppliers, and supporting our people at every stage of the supply chain.


Our anti-bacterial fabrics are 100% chemical-free and the protection is 100% natural. Also, we don’t use plastics bags for the packaging and the delivery boxes and satchels are 100% recyclable.

Made in Australia

We decided to design and produce here in Australia. So, our products are proudly designed and made in Australia.